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The PRX Derm Perfexion (formerly PRX-T33) is a new way of restoring skin tone, texture, and tightness. It’s a combination of carefully selected chemicals—including an enhanced trichloroacetic acid (TCA) formula (33%), low-concentration hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), and kojic acid (5%)—that improves the appearance and firmness of the skin. It is a non-injectable product that induces a dermal biostimulation without harming the skin. It is not a peel, it does not cause frosting.

TCA is traditionally used in cosmetic procedures to help exfoliate dead skin cells and encourage the growth of new skin cells. Hydrogen peroxide in combination with TCA, creates a less aggressive yet effective treatment.

The PRX Derm Perfexion (formerly PRX-T33) deeply hydrates the skin while stimulating collagen production in the dermis. It helps to restructure the dermal matrix and restore skin tissue. The hydrogen peroxide repairs, remodels, and regenerates tissue while managing inflammation. Four treatments are necessary to achieve optimal results.

There is no discomfort and no downtime. It does not make your skin photosensitive and can be safely performed any time of the year. Biostimulator results tend to be even longer-lasting when combined with other resurfacing cosmetic treatments. Please see your clinician for more details.

PRX Derm Perfexion (formerly PRX-T33) Before/Afters

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Common Questions

Yes, PRX Derm Perfexion is safe to perform on clients aged 5 and up:

  • 5-12 years: scars (chicken pox, impetigo)
  • 12-25 years: a substitute for facial cleansing (smooths epidermis and facilitates the removal of pustules), stretch marks
  • 25-35 years: stretch marks
  • 35-45 years: immediate and long-term results, helping improve the look of face and body including age-defying, skin tightening/laxity of breasts
  • > 45 years: immediate and long-term results, helping improve the look of skin
    tightening/laxity of face and body including breasts - Always adjust the application technique to the type of skin, and monitor the skin’s reaction during the application.

This treatment is safe for all skin types. It is recommended to consult with your provider to properly perform a skin analysis to identify possible contraindications. The most common contraindications are:

  • Skin irritation
  • Skin sensitivity
  • Seborrheic dermatitis
  • Allergy to kojic acid

No. PRX Derm Perfexion is not safe for patients who are currently pregnant or breastfeeding.

A face and neck treatment takes approximately 20 minutes, including pretreatment.

A complete PRX Derm Perfexion series will provide immediate and long-term results, helping improve the look of:

  • Sun damage
  • Melasma
  • Pore Size
  • Aging
  • Skin discoloration
  • Line and wrinkles
  • Scars (acne, surgical scars)
  • Hydration
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Stretch marks
  • Skin tightening / laxity
  • Exfoliation

Although (TCA) has historically been used as a peeling agent, PRX Derm Perfexion itself, IS NOT A PEEL! Peels are known for the inconvenience of prolonged downtime (i.e., you will l have to wait for the “peeling’ to subside) and since outcomes can be difficult to control, there are increased risks (i.e., hypo- and hyper-pigmentation, infection.) PRX delivers truly remarkable, age-defying benefits to the look and feel of skin without the peeling or downtime associated with chemical peels, injectables, or other invasive aesthetic treatments.


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