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Home of the most powerful, Dual Pulse Tattoo Removal Laser in South Florida - Ageless Medical will beat ANY laser tattoo removal quote and will never make you sign a contract like the national chains do!

It seemed like a good idea at the time, but let’s face it, you would be better off without that tattoo. If you are worried that laser tattoo removal either won’t be successful enough or will leave you with a scar instead of a tattoo, we have great news. At Ageless Medical, we will permanently remove your unwanted tattoo using the most powerful, dual pulse (pico and nano) laser available today, the PiQo4. We are South Florida’s most experienced tattoo removal provider, and by using the right technology for your ink, we can successfully and permanently turn your tattoo into a distant memory. Even better, we never lock you into a contract, so you get to stay in control of the process.

Tattoo Removal South Florida

The Top Choice in South Florida for Tattoo Removal

Unfortunately, many companies in South Florida claim to be tattoo removal experts when in reality they are using lasers not best suited for tattoo removal or old, outdated technology. At Ageless Medical, our practitioners have been successfully removing tattoos since 2002 and staying up to date on the latest developments in tattoo removal.

The difference is our technology. We use the PiQo4 dual pulse tattoo removal laser, which makes the process faster and more thorough. The biggest advance in laser tattoo removal technology over the past several years has been a faster pulse duration (pico vs. nano). However, combining multiple pulse durations, which is possible with the PiQo4, has proved to be even better. The PiQo4 combines a four-wavelength system with pico-second and nano-second pulses, technology that has never been possible before, even when combining multiple lasers. This is the most effective way to remove a tattoo and results in fewer necessary treatments for success.

What’s more, Ageless Medical will beat any laser tattoo removal quote and will never make you sign a contract like the national chains do!

Tattoo Removal South Florida
Tattoo Removal Cooper City

Why Have Laser Tattoo Removal at Ageless Medical?

The benefits of having laser tattoo removal at Ageless Medical include:

Power & Safety: Fused together for the most effective tattoo removal laser procedure.

Dual Pulse Duration: The pico and nano combination requires fewer treatments for success.

Price: Our technology requires less treatment time, which lowers the overall cost. In addition, we always provide 50% off your first treatment when buying a package of 6 (10% additional discount) or 8 (15% additional discount). Our volume also allows us to beat any written laser tattoo quote!

Colors: The PiQo4’s ability to support four wavelengths means it can remove even difficult color hues.

Experience: Our medical practitioners have removed more than 3,000 tattoos since 2002.

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Why Ageless Tattoo Removal

  1. Power & Safety Fused together for the most effective Tattoo Removal Laser Procedure
  2. Dual Pulse Duration (Pico & Nano) requires less treatment procedures
  3. Price Our technology requires less treatment time thus lowering the overall cost
  4. Colors Removal of difficult color hues by the PiQo4 ability to support 4 wavelengths (1064nm, 532nm, 585nm, 650nm)
  5. Experience Our Medical Practicioners have removed over 2,800 tattoos since 2002
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28 February 2019

Ink Regret?

by Julie Lorenzo, MSN, ARNP, FNP-BC
While removing a tattoo is ...

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