Cosmetic Platelet Rich Plasma Facial Rejuvenation (PRP) is the Natural Way to Youthful Skin

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By: Erin Owoc, ARNP & Julie Lorenzo, ARNP

Our faces are the first thing others see when they meet us and much of the aesthetic judgements that people make are based on their evaluation of a person’s face. Our face is also the most exposed part of our skin to the elements and is the first to suffer damage. The sun and air pollutants all wreak havoc on our skin and are some of the elements that contribute to the signs of “aging”. It is still possible to look healthy and natural by gracefully embracing the aging process and looking no further than your own body for a natural way to the fountain of youth.

It has been well researched that our own body has the power to regenerate tissue and heal through stem cells. Aesthetic Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Facial Rejuvenation is a leading-edge procedure that harnesses the healing power of growth factors from your blood to stimulate a stem cell response. These stem cells help you repair and regenerate damaged skin, stimulate the growth of new collagen and blood vessels, and help slow and reverse the signs of aging.

Facial Aging

As we age, most men and women experience a loss of skin tightness and volume that results in common aesthetic issues such as:

  • Shallow looking face
  • Crow’s feet
  • Frown and lip lines
  • Deeper wrinkles
  • Depressions around the nose and mouth
  • Volume loss in the cheeks
  • Dry skin
  • Overall loss of that healthy, youthful skin texture and tone

This natural aging process can be accelerated by genetics, diet, sun exposure and facial expressions.

Ageless Medical offers a simple, natural procedure to improve these changes on your face utilizing qualified Medical Practitioners providing cosmetic Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments. By utilizing your body’s own rejuvenating cells, there is no better natural aesthetic procedure to revitalize the youthful qualities of your face than cosmetic PRP.

What is PRP?

PRP is blood plasma enriched with platelets. PRP is created to be used both as an injectable to help stimulate collagen growth in areas in the face that have sagged or have a wrinkled appearance and topically to be infused in your skin via microneedling. Although it may act as a dermal filler, PRP is not a filler and is not used as an alternative to dermal fillers.

How does PRP work?

During a simple procedure (like having bloodwork done), PRP is harvested from a small amount of one’s own blood. The PRP that has been acquired from a concentrated source contains several various growth factors and cytokines which are elements that promote healing in soft tissues and bones. When infused in your skin through microneedling or injection, PRP triggers the production of collagen and elastin in the affected areas in the skin. These growth factors are responsible for adding volume to the skin and increasing collagen production resulting in a thicker dermis and improving the appearance of fine lines and facial creases over time. Our patients are also pleased with the idea that the PRP treatment does not pose any risk for allergic reactions or intolerance.

What are the benefits of PRP?

Within a few weeks of treatment, an overall improvement in skin texture, hydration, and tone can be clearly seen. New collagen and blood vessels begin to grow after three to six weeks, and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles and volume correction happens over the next three to six months. The effects of PRP can last 12 months to two years, depending on the individual. While it creates a longer-lasting effect in the skin, it does take time to work. Dermal fillers can also be used to accelerate and sustain the benefits of PRP. Our patients have reported that when compared to microneedling alone, there is a quicker recovery time and more immediate improvement in appearance of the skin when combined with PRP.

PRP is also very effective in recovery and rejuvenation of your skin when used as a topical treatment following a fractional laser resurfacing treatment.

Is Cosmetic PRP Right for You?

Every patients’ needs are unique and should be addressed individually. Often, our patients are looking for a rejuvenated, refreshed, and youthful appearance without looking frozen or overdone. This can be achieved with the right combination of diet and lifestyle, medical grade skincare products and specific aesthetic procedures based on the patient’s age, skin type and health of their skin. Cosmetic PRP is excellent for patients that want a more natural look.

Some age related concerns respond better to PRP, while others respond better to hyaluronic acid fillers, chemical peels or fractional laser resurfacing techniques. When used in combination there is an enhanced synergistic effect, but clearly women and men of all ages can benefit from PRP.

Because the PRP is extracted from your own blood, there is no risk of disease transmission, allergic or immune reaction. It is a simple, safe, effective and natural way of harnessing the healing power of your own blood to help reverse the signs of aging. As part of an integrated approach to skincare that addresses both internal and external factors, aesthetic PRP can be your natural fountain of youth.

Come in for a free consultation to see if aesthetic PRP is right for you.

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