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Introducing the Cosmelan Pigmentation Treatment

Cosmelan Peel | Hyperpigmentation Treatment

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The Cosmelan peel is specifically designed to treatment severe hyperpigmentation from melasma, freckles, age spots, blotches, scars, and beyond.

The word “depigmentation” in this peel simply refers to evening out patches of discoloration or hyperpigmentation on your skin. The Cosmelan Depigmentation Peel combines azelaic acid with kojic acid to achieve a brightening effect. You will receive an in-office treatment first and then follow up with two weeks of at-home care to fade blemishes, lighten discoloration and balance oil production.

It’s important to note that this treatment will not bleach or change your natural skin tone.

While the Cosmelan Peel is safe for all skin tones, not everyone is an ideal candidate. You have to be able and willing to commit to the entire process, which includes not only an in-office procedure but several weeks of at-home care. Those who follow the routine perfectly will begin to see results within a week and will enjoy the full results of their peel after approximately five weeks.

cosmelan peel

What to expect from treatments

The procedure itself is very easy. Unlike so many other cosmetic treatments, there is no prep work for you to do in advance. Upon arrival, your medical professional will will cleanse your skin and apply a solution to absorb oil or “degrease” the area.

Once the Cosmelan mask is applied, it will stay on your face for several hours (sometimes up to 10 or more). You’ll definitely want to make sure you have the day off so you can go home and relax as you will look like you have a brown mud mask on your face for most of the day. Your medical professional will let you know how long to leave the mask on and you will wash it off at home.

The follow-up treatment varies depending on the office. Some will give you Cosmelan II cream, which you’ll need to apply up to three times per day for the first two weeks after your in-office treatment. After the first two weeks, you’ll reduce application to once per day. Other offices may send you home with other skin-care instructions and ask you to return after few weeks for a second mask, which will serve more as a spot treatment instead of a full-face procedure.

The initial application makes some people feel warm, which can be uncomfortable; you can remedy this sensation by using a fan to cool your face. Your skin may begin to feel tight as the mask dries and in the days following the procedure.

A small number of patients experience itching or mild irritation as the peel progresses, but this is entirely manageable. Most of the process is more of a nuisance than it is painful. Many advise avoiding traditional makeup, but sometimes a BB or CC cream with SPF is acceptable. It may help you to cover some of the initial redness.

Ask us about hyperpigmentation or melasma and your treatment options. You may just find the Cosmelan Peel is exactly what you’ve been waiting for – easy, convenient, and definitely effective!

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Cosmelan Peel Before/Afters

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