Vive la Vivace Revolution

September 10, 2018

You’ve heard that two heads are better than one, and by the same logic, three treatments are too. But when it comes to the new Vivace microneedling system, another cliché applies: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. While you can easily have multiple types of treatments to renew and rejuvenate skin, and you can even do multiple procedures in one office visit, Vivace’s power in combining microneedling, radiofrequency (RF), and healing LED light yields better results than if you used these types of modalities separately. This is why we say that Vivace has literally revolutionized the way we rejuvenate and tone skin.

If you are not familiar with this amazing new therapy, Vivace is a non-surgical treatment that stimulates collagen production to reveal firmer skin and requires no downtime. With microneedling, Vivace creates microscopic channels in the skin, which causes the body’s collagen-producing abilities to kick in. While these channels are open, Vivace sends RF energy deep below the skin’s surface, boosting collagen and elastin. Finally, red and blue LED light therapy improves healing time so that after a Vivace treatment, you may simply have the appearance of a mild sunburn that quickly fades away. Despite Vivace’s amazing results, you will not need to stay out of the public eye for even a day. You’ll see some difference in your skin right away, and after having three Vivace treatments, you will have tighter skin, fewer lines and wrinkles, diminished scarring, and smaller pores. Because Vivace can be used anywhere on the face or body and on all types of skin, it also offers a solution to stretch marks.

We have not been able to contain our excitement about this groundbreaking treatment that significantly changes skin without discomfort or downtime. Contact us today to schedule a Vivace treatment, and join the revolution!

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