Sleep Lines Remover SYLA(TM) Receives Design and Utility Patent

September 11, 2015

Davie, FL–(Marketwired – September 02, 2015) – Florida-based corporation, Ageless Options, Inc. (DBA Ageless Research Labs, Inc.), founded in 2002, is proud to announce that their innovative sleep lines solution The SYLA™ (Sleep Your Lines Away) was just awarded a design and utility patent. After two years of extensive testing and research, the state-of-the-art product is now available for purchase online. The SYLA sleep band, which — as the name suggests — is to be worn overnight, effectively removes wrinkles on the forehead and in the crow’s feet area and prevents new sleep lines from occurring.

The inventors, Victor Owoc, MBA, and his wife Erin Owoc, a Cosmetic Nurse Practitioner, are also the founders of Ageless Skin Medical, South Florida’s leading full-service medical aesthetic practice located in Cooper City. Since they opened their practice, numerous patients have approached them to find out about available aesthetic solutions to treat sleep lines. “Over the past eight years, thousands of our Ageless Medical patients have invested in costly solutions such as Botox™ and dermal fillers, often multiple times a year, trying to smooth out wrinkles on their face,” says Erin Owoc. “However, many of these wrinkles on the forehead and in the eye area are caused by skin folding at night, so they inevitably come back.” Inspired by the increasing demand for a long-term remedy, Victor and Erin set out to find a solution that would treat the cause as well as the problem.

What seems to be the easiest solution, namely sleeping on the back rather than on the side of the face, is not practical for many people who inevitably move around during the night. Special pillows tend to stick to the skin, rendering them ineffective, and even expensive treatment options such as Botox™ cannot treat sleep lines, since they are caused by skin folds, not by a contracting muscle. After trying out a variety of prototypes on patients, Victor and Erin Owoc developed a simple, but extremely effective solution: The SYLA™. Soon after the product launched, they made an astounding discovery: The SYLA™ does not only prevent and remove sleep lines, but is also effective in smoothing out past wrinkles. Victor remembers: “We sought out a very comfortable and easy to wear solution for sleep lines for our patients, but what we learned from customers’ feedback was an added benefit in that The SYLA™ was also smoothing out wrinkles from squinting, sun exposure, and general aging. The SYLA™ is tightening our customers’ skin as they sleep.”

To make the wearing experience as comfortable as possible, the innovative couple sought out an inner material that feels soft to the skin, is two-way flexible, and breathable. After testing a variety of materials, they picked the WICK AWAY material, which not only fulfilled all their requirements, but also has anti-microbial properties. The outer charmeuse material used on The SYLA is so smooth that it does not adhere to any cotton or silk material used on pillows or sheets that may cause the skin to fold at night. The unique product can be worn every night, or as needed, for example before a big event. It is available in two sizes, S/M and M/L and can be purchased online for $40 at

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