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February 3, 2019

You may already be familiar with the benefits of adding growth factors to your skin through a treatment like platelet rich plasma, or PRP. The proteins from PRP stimulate your cells, accelerate healing and boost collagen production – giving you a more youthful glow and firmer skin. But did you know that there is a special growth factor found in abundance in young people that severely diminishes as we age? It’s called growth differentiation factor 11 – GDF11 for short – and the best place to find it is in stem cells.

GDF11 is so exciting for its potential to slow or reverse the aging process that scientists around the world have been studying its effects. While they consider GDF11’s benefits for internal organs, the medial aesthetics industry has been more focused on what this special protein can do for your skin – and it’s a lot!

Thanks to a new, highly researched product containing GDF11, you can improve a dull complexion, fight wrinkles and heal your skin. It’s called GD11, and while the name is similar, in this case, it stands for “great difference” because that is what patients see after this FDA-approved treatment has been added to their skin.

GD11 contains freeze-dried, medical-grade, sterile growth differentiation factor 11 harnessed from umbilical cord stem cells – recognized as the most powerful natural cells on earth. In fact, GD11 contains 89 proteins and more than 70 human growth factors. We pair it with SkinPen Microneedling or Vivace Microneedling RF to allow these proteins and growth factors to go below the skin’s surface where they boost elasticity, collagen production and moisture supply for total skin regeneration.

Combined with microneedling, GD11 has significantly turned back the clock for patients from their 40s to 60s. We’ve already seen the healing and anti-aging results from GD11, and we’re ready to show you how it can rejuvenate your skin too. Contact us to schedule your consultation today!

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